Denis Rancourt PhD: Analysis Of COVID Data Reveals…..No Pandemic

VIDEO: Denis Rancourt Interview – How A Deep Dive Analysis Of COVID Data Reveals A Pandemic Did Not Occur

Denis Rancourt PhD joins Ryan Cristián of TheLastAmericanVagabond to discuss the illusion that is COVID-19. This time we review his recently co-authored extensive study which dives deep into the data around the COVID-19 event, and what it reveals about the true nature of this so-called pandemic.

The Published Study can be found here: USAACMinto2021-article—-12d

Take a deep dive into the data in real time into the idea of all cause mortality and actual year over year comparisons and historical trends.

  • Bacterial pneumonia and its role

“Right away when there was all this talk of a pandemic…….as a scientist, as an observer of society my first reaction was: Are there more people dying? Let’s look at how many deaths there are. Those are real numbers. Are there more deaths?”

“Hospitals and doctors responded in a way that was contrary to protecting the health of fragile individuals, and basically killed an awful lot of people very quickly. There were many jurisdictions the were not affected because they didn’t do those things.”

“….starting when the pandemic was announced on March 11, 2020 …..moving forward the behavior of all cause mortality versus time and by state and by age and by sex is dramatically different than anything we’ve seen decades and decades before. It’s off the charts.

“In the paper we argue that there is no way that this can be a viral respiratory disease…..because it has none of the classic known signatures of a viral respiratory disease…….it is always the same state to state……and in all western countries where you measure it…….tht’s been the case for over a hundred years where we have good data.

……all of a sudden you have this phenomenon where from state to state the mortality curves are completely different……….it’s contrary to everything we know about viral respiratory diseases…..

….this is never explained or even addressed or put forward as a completely new phenomenon…….in the paper we explain it is because the responses are different…..and the effects of those responses are different from one jurisdiction to the next.




Figure 2a. All-cause mortality by year in the USA for the 1-4, 5-14, 15-24 and 25-34 years age groups, from 1900 to 2016. Data are displayed per calendar-year. Data were retrieved as described in Table 1.



Figure 4a. All-cause mortality by year normalized by population for the USA from 1900 to 2020. Data are displayed per calendar-year. Data were retrieved as described in Table 1.



Figures 34a. All-cause (blue), COVID-19 (red), influenza (yellow), pneumonia (green) and PIC (black) mortality by week for the USA from 2014 to 2021. Data are displayed from week- 40 of 2013 to week-37 of 2021 for the whole continental USA, including Alaska and Hawaii. PIC is the deaths assigned to pneumonia and/or influenza and/or COVID-19. ACM and cause- assigned deaths data were retrieved from CDC (CDC, 2021a) as described in Table 1.