Rockefeller Medicine

Another great documentary by James Corbett of

Profound documentary on the roots of our medical system by James Corbett of the Corbett Report.

The crisis in today’s health care system is deeply rooted in the interwoven history of modern medicine and corporate capitalism. The major groups and forces that shaped the medical system sowed the seeds of the crisis we now face. The medical profession and other medical interest groups each tried to make medicine serve their own economic and social interests. Foundations and other corporate class institutions insisted that medicine serve the needs of “their” corporate capitalist society. The dialectic of their common efforts and their clashes, and the economic and political forces set in motion by their actions, shaped the system as it grew. Out of this history emerged a medical system that poorly serves society’s health needs.

1979 ~ E. Richard Brown

Note: interest @ 16:00

At @ 18:00 see how the Rockefeller Foundation in cooperation with some of the other corporate foundations that developed via the auspices of the robber barons of the nineteenth century had a profound effect on shaping American medical discourse in the late nineteenth early twentieth century.

(@19:00) Take a look at how the modern system of allopathic as opposed to homeopathic medicine developed as a result of the Rockefellers and their influence.


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