It’s no wonder Pfizer AND the FDA wanted these documents to remain hidden for 75 years.

VIDEO: Naomi Wolf breaks down the shocking new Pfizer documents on the vaccine side effects. From cardiac arrests, liver failure, and death, Pfizer and the governing health body in America have concealed one of the biggest human experiments of testing a therapeutic on the population.

A team of 3000 highly credentialed experts including: doctors, nurses, biostatisticians, medical fraud investigators, lab clinicians, biological scientists have been reading through the documents and issuing easy-to-understand reports.

“What they have found is really shocking.”

Our government knew and they hid it….

“Pfizer knew and the FDA knew a month after the rollout in November 2020 that the “vaccines” did not work. They knew they had quote, their words “waning efficacy” or “vaccine failure”. And they gave limited if any protection.

Safe & Effective, Safe & Effective, Safe & Effective, Safe & Effective, Safe & Effective

“We found the CDC documents stating that they had planned (contracted) for 6 boosters”

Pfizer knew that about four months after the rollout of mass vaccination……there had been more than 42,000 adverse events, more than 1200 people died……4 of those people died on the day there were injected.

They knew in May of 2021 that 35 teenagers had had heart damage within a week after being injected with mRNA vaccines. They did not tell parents about myocarditis. Parents did not have informed consent. Young adults, teens and Children are at little to no risk from Covid.

“Safe & Effective for pregnant women” –There were no studies showing that was true.

In the internal documents it shows that babies from vaccinated mothers are getting sick and dying.


Pfizer Documents Analysis – WarRoom


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