In case you were unable to hang in there and read through my entire “Connecting The Dots To Syria” post (sorry it went long again) I now present to you 7:53 min of Max Keiser wrapping it all up in a brief appearance on RT’s ‘Breaking The Set’.

As is often the case, while squeezing in some daily exercise I tuned in to the 6:00 est broadcast on RT. I had just finished trying to collect the sources and info for my post, hoping to have gathered it all into a cohesive post when low and behold there I see Max Keiser queued up for the last segment of the show.

Although Max tends to come across as a caricature at times he does deliver the message in an easy to grasp fashion albeit with a heavy dose of verbal hot sauce!

Max touches on all of these key points:

  • The Fed/Central Bank’s easy-money monetary predicament
  • The military enforcement of the Dollar’s World Reserve Currency status
  • The Syrian Pipeline
  • NSA surveillance
  • The Cyprus “Bail-ins” and how they may have been a test for what is to come to cover the derivatives losses of the too-big-to-jail banks

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