“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”  

Mark Twain

If you’re getting your news from the mainstream media, guess what? You’ve been fooled.

Am I still the only one who gets pi$$#$% every month when I see that my savings draws no interest income. We are all being reamed and no one seems to mind. And let’s not even get into the election right now, but seriously are you still buying that any of it matters? Remember all that Hope and Change that people were stupid naive enough to vote for? How about all those Tea-Party candidates that were going to march into DC and clean house. The debt’s doubled and the US is broke. ‘Didn’t take long for the new speaker to do acquiesce, did it? The same people who were shallow enough to vote based on skin-color are the same who will now vote for a candidate with a vagina even if she’s another criminal working hand-in-hand with the banks. It’s almost laughable if it wasn’t so tragic.

Read the terms of service with your bank if you use one. Do you know that you are an unsecured creditor? Read up on bail-ins. All the documents are in place. Next time there won’t be bail-outs.

Some things to keep in mind going forward.

  • there never has been a “recovery”
  • we are still operating under emergency crisis measures
  • the system is more tightly wound and levered-up than it was in 2008

It’s hard to keep up with all the real news that’s happening behind the propaganda being spewed. I’ve been collecting tons of info as of late, but been unable to compile and present it all.

Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com has been doing a nice job of looking behind the curtain. Here are a couple of his latest presentations to give you something to chew on for the time being.

No-holds barred with the ever-entertaining Gerald Celente. MUST LISTEN!!!

Gerald Celente – Global Banking System in Bear Market

• source: usawatchdog.com

All Trump All the Time, Bad Economy Sold as Good

You may think what is going on with Donald Trump is all about Trump, it is really about the changing landscape of media and the old mainstream media (MSM) losing its relevance……

The mainstream media is so freaked out they cover each and every tweet of Trump’s so as to not miss out and retain some relevance. No front-runner would have ever turned down a TV appearance until now. Why did he turn it down–he doesn’t need it. The MSM needs him. Times are changing, and the MSM is losing its grip in media and thus its relevance. Of that there is no doubt.

The USA Today finally stopped saying we are in a recovery. You know why? Because we are not in a recovery, at least not for Main Street, but that doesn’t stop them from pushing what I think is a false narrative. For example, this week in the money section, they come out with a title that says “3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Worry About the Stock Market in 2016.” Never mind the stock market has plunged and is off to the worst start—ever. Never mind there is a Plunge Protection Team. Never mind there have been banks convicted of massive hundreds of trillions of dollars of fraud with commodities, interest rates and currencies. This article basically says buy good stocks and don’t worry and “don’t care.” I say “Run Forrest Run.” And so does David Stockman, who is a best-selling author and a former White House Budget Director. He will be on Sunday for the “Early Release.”

• source:usawatchdog.com

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