The 2020 election was rigged and stolen. See the video montage explaining how it was done to kickoff the eye-opening interview and discussion below. See the team who claimed the election was legitimate and above the board make the same claims of a stolen election only 4 years prior. Do you recognize a pattern yet?

There is a deep state, a cadre of unelected elitists who pull the strings that shepherd the people. How do they guide the people through certain chutes and into certain pens?  Turns out, rather easily by presenting the people with the illusion of choice.

The Great Reset may be dismissed as a “conspiracy theory” but it is in fact a conspiracy in as much as it is an actual plan by certain groups laid out in plain sight for those who wish to pay attention. These groups of self-perceived elitists have taken it upon themselves to dictate the manner in which we all will live.

The World Economic Forum, Bank of International Settlements, The World Health Organization, The Council of Foreign Relations, Bilderburg, etc-they meet in places like Davos and openly discuss their plans.

They create crises in order to offer solutions.

They are herding the masses into a one-world government, removing national sovereignty and individual rights and freedoms. How do they do this? How can they persuade a majority of conservatives to acquiesce?

In the video: Joining Ryan Cristián, The Last American Vagabond is Andrew McGarry, creator of the outstanding documentary series, Standing in the Gap. Andrew is here today to discuss 2020 election fraud, the COVID-19 deception, the Two Party illusion, and how all of this has led us straight into a budding technocratic control structure and a fight for our very lives. Many are beginning to see and feel that we are truly in a spiritual battle, one being waged all around us. Yet far too many are seeking a savior in the form of a politician. It is time to stand up for those who do not see what is taking place. It is indeed time to Stand in the Gap.


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