Simply put: They know that masks do not work. They know they cause harm. Masks are more akin to an armband to show your allegiance and obedience.

WHO found that masks do not work in 2019:

CDC found that masks do not work in 2020:

Cochrane found that masks do not work in 2022:

Why are we still debating masks?

By April 2022, most states had lifted mask mandates.
The pandemic had ended.

Indeed, according to CDC data, America is today at one of the lowest points in COVID deaths since the “pandemic” began.

Yet elites are now trying to re-impose mask mandates everywhere they can.


When rolled out to the public once again, Fauci was questioned about the latest incarnation of the push for masks…

There’s no doubt that masks work,” said Fauci.

He knows he’s lying. (He knows they contribute more to causing bacterial pneumonia(as well as Hypoxia, hypercapnia & more) than preventing the spread of a respiratory virus.


Smerconish brought up the 2023 Cochrane review (which was an independent evaluation of over 70 random-controlled trials) which found no evidence that physical interventions like face masks could stop viral transmission in the community and cited my interview with lead author of the study Tom Jefferson who confirmed,

“There is just no evidence that they [masks] make any difference. Full stop.”

“That Simply Doesn’t Make Sense”: Lead Author Of Cochrane Mask Review Responds To Fauci’s Dismissal Of Evidence

Professor Tom Jefferson, who says he is committed to updating the Cochrane review as new evidence emerges, has responded to Fauci’s comments.

So, Fauci is saying that masks work for individuals but not at a population level? That simply doesn’t make sense,” said Jefferson.

And he says there are ‘other studies’…but what studies?  He doesn’t name them so I cannot interpret his remarks without knowing what he is referring to,” he added.

Jefferson explains that the entire point of the Cochrane review was to systematically sift through all the available randomised data on physical interventions such as masks and determine what was useful and what was not.

Since 2011, the Cochrane review only included randomised trials to minimise bias from confounders.

“It might be that Fauci is relying on trash studies,” said Jefferson. “Many of them are observational, some are cross-sectional, and some actually use modelling. That is not strong evidence.”

“Once we excluded such low-quality studies from the review, we concluded there was no evidence that masks reduced transmission,” he added.

The problem with Fauci is that his story has changed.

The problem with Fauci is that his story has changed.

Initially, Fauci said that masks were ineffective and unnecessary. In March 2020, Fauci told 60 Minutes, “Right now in the United States, people should not be walking around with masks.”

But only a few weeks later, he did a U-turn and began recommending widespread use of face masks.

Fauci defended his U-turn saying, “When the facts change, I change my mind.”

Jefferson retorted, “What facts changed?  There were no randomised studies, no new evidence to justify his flip-flop. That’s simply not true.”

Since then, Fauci has remained adamant that face masks not only stop people from infecting others, but they also protect the wearer.

Fauci advocated for the use of cloth masks, and even encouraged double-masking in the absence of evidence.

“You put another layer on, it just makes common sense that it would be more effective,” Fauci told NBC News.

“What Fauci doesn’t understand is that cloth and surgical masks cannot stop viruses because viruses are too small and they still get through,” said Jefferson.

He laments that public figures have tried to undermine the Cochrane review, despite it representing the gold standard of evidence.

Columnist Zeynep Tufekci wrote an article in the New York Times titled, “Here’s Why the Science Is Clear That Masks Work,” claiming that Cochrane’s mask study had misled the public.

Cochrane’s editor-in-chief, Karla Soares-Weiser capitulated to pressure and “apologised” for the wording in the plain language summary of the review because it “was open to misinterpretation” and may have led to “inaccurate and misleading” claims.

And former CDC director Rochelle Walensky misled Congress after claiming the Cochrane review had been “retracted” which was patently false. 

As it stands, the Cochrane review will continue to be the subject of attacks because it presents a major roadblock for implementing masking policies. Jefferson says he doesn’t know what motivates people to ignore the facts.

Could it be part of this whole agenda to control people’s behaviour? Perhaps,” he speculated.

“What I do know,” said Jefferson, “is that Fauci was in a position to run a trial, he could have randomised two regions to wear masks or not. But he didn’t and that’s unforgivable.”

VIDEO: from theLastAmericanVagabond(w/ all source material links)

Even Biden flouts the CDC’s debunked diktats – but bafflingly America’s health elite continue to push it on our kids. Now two esteemed MEDICS make a passionate case that there’s no evidence masks stop COVID

source links: theLastAmericanVagabond 

  • How masks became politicized, and lessons for the future of public health communication and policy.
  • The effectiveness of masks was massively overexaggerated to provide workers with reassurance upon reopening society.
  • Masks became a mystical protective amulet whose health-bestowing properties were claimed to be far greater than good science could ever justify.
  • CDC Director Walensky claimed 80% effectiveness in a now notorious video on social media.
  • This hyping of masks was done for purely psychological and political reasons—to make reopening more palatable to a public that had been terrorized into pandemic submission.
Masks were forced onto faces to increase fear and condition the public to gleefully put an experimental “vaccine” into their bodies. Places forced masks well after “reopening”.
  • This miscommunication led to the politicization of masks because conservatives saw this overhyping of masks for what it was.
  • In reality, masks are between 0% and 15% effective. Very modest tools indeed. But they were being made out to be the solution to the pandemic. They were not remotely anything of the sort—but the authorities were forced to say that they were.
  • Why? Because the deadliness of the virus was itself originally dramatically overhyped. And the authorities needed something to combat these lies that they themselves told. They needed a magical amulet to neutralize the fear that they themselves created.
  • Good documentary evidence now clearly shows that the media elites did all they could to drum into the public one terrifying figure: 3.4% death rate from Covid. This is nearly 100-times more deadly than the virus actually was.
  • So one lie—about the virus’s deadliness—led to another lie—about masks’ effectiveness. The second lie has to be told to deal with the first lie.

Mask study published by NIH suggests N95 Covid masks may expose wearers to dangerous level of toxic compounds linked to seizures and cancer

… a study quietly re-shared by the National Institutes of Health in spring suggests the tight-fitting mask may expose users to dangerous levels of toxic chemicals.

Researchers from Jeonbuk National University in South Korea looked at two types of disposable medical-grade masks, as well as several reusable cotton masks.

The study found that the chemicals released by these masks had eight times the recommended safety limit of toxic volatile organic compounds (TVOCs).

Inhaling TVOCs has been linked to health issues like headaches and nausea, while prolonged and repeated has been linked to organ damage and even cancer.


…and that is the point!
Several schools and private companies have reinstated mask mandates as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to increase across the country, causing divisions in communities over how to limit the spread of the coronavirus….

It always starts the same way, as a temporary mandate ‘15 days to [slow the spread],’” Kyle Wilkens, a parent in Silver Spring, told The Epoch Times. “I can’t go through this again, my child is not wearing a mask to school.

Ms. Wilkens believes the mandate will be extended, though it is set to expire by Sept. 15.

“The media is already doing its part to fear monger. Now, they are trying to soften us up with scattered mask guidance and requirements here and there. We know from before it will escalate.”…

The CDC’s own data reveals that those who wear masks get infected with COVID at the same rate as those who don’t,” according to an analysis from Americas Frontline Doctors posted on their website.

“85 percent of those infected with COVID wore masks some or all of the time before their infection.

Senators JD Vance (R-Ohio), Mike Braun (R-Ind.), and Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) have cosponsored a Senate bill called the “Freedom to Breathe Act” which would ban federal mask mandates in the United States.

We tried mask mandates once in this country. They failed to control the spread of respiratory viruses, violated basic bodily freedom, and set our fellow citizens against one another,” said Vance.


New study finds extended use of ‘best’ COVID masks may cause cancer, liver damage



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Physio-metabolic and clinical consequences of wearing face masks—Systematic review with meta-analysis and comprehensive evaluation

Study can be found here: Frontiers in Public Health
Ironically, it appears the Ministry of Truth has seen to it that the study’s been retracted.





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