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Voluminous data was used to show the shortfalls of modeling which caused hospitals to take a ‘scorched earth’ policy in preparation for a wave of COVID patients that did not happen. This extreme preparation delayed care of patients in need of hospital treatments and surgical procedures.

The presentation showed the ‘one size fits all’ pressure imposed by government officials and unelected leaders created fear and compliance of the general public or consequences would be had.

The public was invited to the event held at the Warwick Public Library, RI on 5-13-23.

Dr. Andrew Bostom held an evidence based re-examination of Rhode Island’s Covid-19 response using data available during and after the three year ordeal. The data used during his presentation was obtained through several APRA (Access to Public Records) requests along with some ingenious data mining of published figures through several institutions.

Dr. Andrew Bosom is a Rhode Island medical professional widely respected by fellow colleagues and appreciated by the masses in Rhode Island looking for clarity during COVID. His 40 year medical background includes but not limited to physical therapist, cardiac rehab, an academic with 24 years at the prestigious Brown Medical School faculty.


I am a physician who has been working at the bedside of COVID+ patients in NYC. I believe we are treating the wrong disease and that we must change what we are doing if we want to save as many lives as possible. I welcome any feedback, especially from those bedside: doctors, nurses, xray techs, pharmacists, anyone and everyone. Does this sound wrong or right, is something more right? Please let me know.

Here we are, 9 months later, and this good doctor was correct all along, even though he faced discipline for initially coming out with this very insightful video which all the medical community should have thoughtfully considered before disciplining him – it would have saved lives. I have no idea how he is doing now, or where he is, but I hope it’s as a director in some progressive hospital, somewhere. He’s a hero in my book.



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