Are you FU@K!@#ing kidding me?!?!

Are you FU@K!@#ing kidding me?!?!!!

The Octagenerian leadership class (credit to Max Blumenthal) is lining their own pockets as they march us right into the technocratic nightmare of a future being laid out in plain sight (if you care to look) by the self-appointed elitist Davos crowd, The World Economic Forum and their lapdog cronies.

Hoisting one pseudo crisis after another upon us to keep us not only dazed and confused but more so frightened and willing to consent to, or even beg for the solutions that they just happen to have ready for us; these psychopaths are following a well laid plan to completely change and have control over every aspect of our lives.

It’s time to start seeing through the fog if so far you’ve been unable to……before it’s too late.

Covid and the lockdowns are merely a means to an end.

………and remember-it’s LESS DEADLY THAN THE FLU!

…Yeah, this A-Hole!

Quadruple-Vaxxed German Health Minister Tests Positive For COVID

It will be presented as a privilege or a convenience.

“The people assume we are just going back to the good old world which we had and everything will be normal again, this(zis) is fiction, it will not happen.” …Klaus Schwab


………and remember-it’s LESS DEADLY THAN THE FLU!


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