Video: Dr Sam Bailey-Covid 19: “Asymptomatic Transmission” Looking at the Science

Dr. Michael Yeadon: “This idea that you can be ill even though you have no symptoms and be a respiratory virus threat to someone else even though you have no symptoms, that’s also invented in 2020. There’s simply no history of it and it defies common sense as well.”

Dr. Robin Wakeling: concerned governments are using claims of asymptomatic transmission to justify their measures …

Anthony Fauci: “In all the history of respiratory viruses of any type, asymptomatic transmission has never been the driver of outbreaks. The driver of outbreaks is always a symptomatic person. An epidemic is NOT driven by asymptomatic carriers”

So, do you listen to the science or what you are told is the science?

World renowned experts weigh in.


Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: “The idea of asymptomatic carrier, spreading the disease covid-19 which is the pneumonia, not a cough but the pneumonia covid-19 is untrue and is backed by zero data. There is not a single case in the world documented.”

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6 thoughts on ““Asymptomatic Transmission” – fact or FICTION”
  1. Excellent content as usual! Only one question: how did you manage to embed the video from Odysee on WordPress? For whatever reason, I’m stymied.

    1. Thank you.
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