VIDEO: Please watch these real expert testimonies from a public hearing regarding Michigan House Bill 4471  before it is censored.

Dr Christina Parks: phd in cellular and molecular biology
University of Michigan Medical School

I’m very well versed in the science of both these mrna gene therapy vaccines, this kind of technology as well as what a vaccine is designed to do in the body. What it can do what it can’t do and the fact that this is extremely complex science that has been oversimplified in the media to basically take away our freedom of choice.

What i want to address today in this limited time is the fact that vaccine requirements and mandates are based on the faulty assumption that the vaccines in question prevent transmission of the pathogen, right?

Does the vaccine for dtap prevent transmission? No
Does the vaccine for flu prevent transmission? No
Do the vaccines for covid prevent transmission? No
In fact they were never designed to do that. They expressly say that they’re measuring whether they attenuate symptoms, so they’re 95 effective based on their clinical trials at attenuating symptoms for the first variant which is essentially gone. In our population right now the predominant variant is the delta…

…science shows that in fact with the flu if you get vaccinated in multiple years you are more likely to get severe disease you are more likely to have more viral replication and you are more likely to be hospitalized both in adults and in children. We are seeing the same thing in covid with the delta variant…..

….We are mandating that people get a vaccine that could actually make them more sick when they’re exposed to the virus.

In fact… with this delta variant when you’re vaccinated your body makes antibodies that are supposed to neutralize the virus but they were supposed to neutralize the old variant when they see this new variant what they’re doing is they’re actually the antibodies are taking the virus and helping it infect the cells…

We need to be looking at the science…..We  need our policy to reflect the science and we also need it to reflect our rights..
Dr James Nishwander: physician duly board certified in emergency and integrated medicine in practice in Ann Arbor where for over 30 years…
I’ve treated chronically ill children and adults including those who would claim that their or their children’s health issues were related to a vaccine including those injured by the colgate vaccine…

Dr. Nishwander references actual data from VAERS(Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) eg: from it’s creation in 1991 all deaths reported (mind you, the claim is that about 1% of all adverse events actually get reported) from 1991 to 2019 a total of 9864 deaths from all vaccines during that time were reported.

All vaccines for the 30 year history of VAERS=9864 deaths.

Deaths reported to VAERS after covid-19=12,791 (8 months, 1 vaccine)

Dr Jackson: I trained at the university of Chicago Wayne State Penn State Medical College Wisconsin I’m a board-certified practicing neurosurgeon so I do brain and spine surgery.

For last 20 years I’ve seen 100,000 patients and operated on over 10,000.  I’m not against a well-qualified safe vaccine by any means however when the number of patients who die from these experimental agents equals the same number of everyone that i’ve operated on in my 20-year career we really have a problem.
I’m concerned about what’s happened to our Hippocratic oath to first do no harm
Pushing an experiment violates the Nuremberg code of ethics and that this treatment should not be looked at as an approved standard like other vaccines until appropriate safety testing has been completed
Dr Talia: I am a hospitalist, basically a physician who works mainly in the hospital taking care of patients i’ve been taking care of patients with covet since it all started.
Dr. David E. Martin’s analysis…….of these patents shows that the sars cova2 is not a natural coronavirus at all but rather a man-made virus that has been in the works for over two decades in particular there’s over 120 patented pieces of evidence that relate to three specific features of the virus.
…research regarding the virus has been funded by none other than the NIAD director Dr Anthony Fauci he’s been there since 1984 has given 50 billion dollars in research..

Dr Clover: I have a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Baylor University.  I graduated from medical school from the University of Michigan my internship was at Henry Ford hospital my residency was completed at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City i’m double board certified in anesthesiology and interventional pain management i’ve been in practice in the Flint Michigan area for 30 38 years. I’m not an anti-vaxxer….

Tricia Neuschwander: registered nurse over 27 years

…After spending over 17 years working primarily in the emergency room department i resigned my position in 2011 after i was required to take an influenza vaccine as a condition of my employment..

Nurses have been ranked the most trusting profession for a good reason our code of ethics require that we support the right to inform consent patient autonomy and the patients that have a moral right and legal right to decide what interventions or treatments they will accept or refuse without coercion or revisal. 

…The safety and efficacy of the copin 19 vaccines do not conclude until the end of 2022 or early in 2023 the clinical trials are going for two years…
katie kern: I graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor of arts and bachelor of science in nursing i’m in my 11th year of nursing…
I am, or was an educator on a general practice unit where we do care for covid patients most of which are fully vaccinated the threats from my employer all started in march of 2020…
We stepped up to serve and the people called us heroes…….
…in June of 2021 I received an email from my employer threatening termination this time for non-compliance with their cove vaccine mandate…
… I was told that as a leader it is not my job to question policy..
…..managers have been sent a list of employees on their unit who have not been vaccinated these staff are now being pulled aside one by one and questioned they are being pressured coerced and intimidated into receiving the vaccine….
We are being forced to decide between risking debilitating injury or death from this experimental vaccine with the highest mortality rate in history which of course will not be covered by the manufacture government or hospital or losing our jobs and financial stability. Many nurses are leaving health care altogether. Exemptions are not the answer we should not be forced to apply for an exemption from a mandate that is unconstitutional in the first place freedom is the answer.

…a modern day Patrick Henry.


Please wake up before it’s too late

VIDEO: panel discussion with Robert F Kennedy Jr. & Del Bigtree re: previous Mrna vaccine development


Below are some poignant comments from the YouTube post:

All of these professionals are American heroes. God bless them for telling the TRUTH!!! Please continue to do so! Thank you from all of us who know instinctively that these vaccines are not good.
Finally hearing facts from the right people. How come no news media isn’t covering this? I hope YouTube does NOT censor this video. I’m losing faith in humanity but people like these still give me a bit of hope. Thank you all for your bravery in speaking out.
The news d oesnt cover anything against their owners agenda. This will probably be taken down so far they’ve missed it. FB won’t let you post it.
Was already knocked down on news in Michigan today saying it’s misinformation and conspiracy theories. Why would these doctors and nurse RISK their jobs and reputation? Hmmmmm…..
misinformation when the CDC’s own data is repeatedly referenced 🤣
MSM DID SMEAR THEM AS CONSPIRACY THEORIES, shameful MEDIA AGAINST HUMANITY, it’s a crime against humanity what is happening in this world especially in America! Lies and we all know it, but nothing true, honest or with integrity can get past the censor monsters! Stand Americans against tyranny both foreign and domestic right in our faces, we just thought the

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