What we found when we dug deeper

With this background, we knew of the very low risk to children in the first place, but wanted scientific documentation (molecular/biological) of why this low risk existed, to help support our argument against COVID injections in our children — especially given evidence from Wisconsin, based on a study of 36 counties, showing vaccinated persons can shed/spread the virus.

The study showed 158 of 232 (68%) of COVID cases occurred in unvaccinated individuals, and 156 of 225 (69%) occurred in fully vaccinated and symptomatic individuals.

The Wisconsin study suggests the current vaccines are not working with the predominant Delta variant, and there is no difference between the vaccinated and unvaccinated (symptomatic) in becoming infected, colonizing, carrying and transmitting COVID. This is not a theoretical risk — this data provide a clear real risk example.

Based on the evidence, the vaccines are not working against the hyper-dominant Delta variant (UK, Israel and U.S. data clearly show this), and the Delta variant is learning how to thrive against the vaccine.

According to a preprint study by Acharya et al, and another by Riemersma et al, the vaccinated are showing very high viral loads, similar to the unvaccinated, and the vaccinated are equally as infectious as the unvaccinated.

One leading Israeli health official reported the vaccinated account for 95% of severe cases, and 90% of new COVID-related hospitalizations.

A similar situation is emerging in the U.S., for example in New York, where new infections/cases among the vaccinated are being reported.

What then is the benefit of sub-optimal vaccines in children who are at such low risk in the first place? When the vaccine itself will cause harms?

 What does all of this mean? 

Between their young age and robust innate immunity, and this possibility of being COVID-recovered, children should not get the vaccine.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche writes that children’s innate immunity:

“ … normally/ naturally largely protects them and provides a kind of herd immunity in that it dilutes infectious Co-V pressure at the level of the population, whereas mass vaccination turns them into shedders of more infectious variants.

“Children who get the disease mostly develop mild to moderate disease and as a result continue to contribute to herd immunity by developing broad and long-lived immunity.”

This, and based on all of the above, is why I am saying leave our children alone. Let them go to school and live largely unfettered lives. Let their immune systems breathe and be taxed and tuned up daily again.

We are playing a dangerous game and are weakening formerly healthy robust immune systems. Stop the insanity with the focus on the low-risk children in this disease and focus on the high-risk groups where the focus should be.

I am calling for a pause at least on the administration of these vaccines in toto until we can figure out the safety issues. There must be a definite “no go” on administration of any of these injections in children.

If parents need to take their children out of school due to vaccine mandates, then take them out of school. There is too much risk for your child — including, potentially, a lifetime of disability and death may emerge.