Dr. Byram Bridle
– PhD, Viral Immunologist & Associate Professor at the University of Guelph.

In this wide ranging interview, Steve Kirsch talks with Dr. Byram Bridle about whether the truth will ever come out and how this will end.

Please take the time to listen to this ACTUAL EXPERT and brace yourself for some truth-bombs.

Topics covered:
1. How did the debate challenging the Canadian health officials go?
2. Does anyone want to debate you?
3. What does the science say about the vaccines?
4. Are these reports about blood impacts after vaccination true? What did you own studies find?
5. What’s really going on in Canada? How many people support the truckers? Is the mainstream media telling people what is really happening?
6. Can you get arrested and put in jail? Could I?
7. How is this going to end?


@15:30-The narrative isn’t supported by the science

@50:00mins-Bridle gets irate over hypocrisy

@1:10- It makes no logical sense at all to mandate these “vaccines” as the data shows that “vaccinated” are more likely to contract COVID.

Dr. Byram Bridle speaking on Parliament Hill – Ottawa Protest January 2022


Public health won’t talk about the science | Dr. Byram Bridle

@13:00- I am also a cancer researcher, I am certain that this is probably the most under-reported issue with these “vaccines”…….the lymphocytes get depleted……those are the cells in our bodies that help control the growth of cancers”…….

“As soon as you have any medical condition that preceded the “vaccines”, ………most physicians will never attribute the condition to the “vaccines”

@16:45 – “We are scientists and when you start following the science, these things are obvious…..that’s why I went out with the message at the time………..and now it is sad that so many thousands of young male Canadians have to suffer heart inflammation….. and this is crazy to be calling this a minor medical issue. Many of them will have permanent heart damage”

see: Adolescent Boys at Higher Risk of Hospitalization From Pfizer Vaccine – Myocarditas – Than From COVID


Viral immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle speaks at Waterloo region for medical freedom rally October 24, 2021

“just to let you know…….I’m a vaccinologist, I traditionally love vaccines and I develop vaccine technologies but I do not like these current COVID-19 inoculations that we’re giving to people………. You do have to understand that we’ve changed the definition of vaccines during this “pandemic” to try and make these fit………….

…..Well the vaccines that we traditionally mandated actually work, they confer what we call sterilizing or near sterilizing immunity. They actually prevent somebody from allowing the virus to propagate in their body, and pass it on to others…….

Showing The Science | Dr. Byram Bridle, Published November 24, 2021


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