Sadly…natural immunity is better than our highly profitable products….

“Sadly, the virus itself, particularly the variant called Omicron is a type of vaccine (moreso than your gene therapy shots that are not even vaccines-except for the Ministry of Truth’s newly changed definition) that creates both B-cell and T-cell immunity and it’s done a better job of getting out to the world population than we have with vaccines.

……..The chance of severe disease, which is mostly associated with the elderly or having obesity or diabetes, (You don’t say? Who knew?) those risks are now dramatically reduced because of that infection exposure.

…….Today, there’s more vaccines than there is demand for vaccines………Gates

Listen to Dr. John Campbell break it all down……

“What I need you to help me with is why is he saying “sadly”

“The doctors we talk to in Uganda of course say that basically now no one’s getting sick. Omicron has spread throughout the whole country and it’s protected the entire population with minimal amount of people getting ill. It just couldn’t be better.”

“This is giving rise to huge natural herd immunity”

“Herd Immunity” has also been “re-defined” by the Ministry into a dirty word……..


The Pfizer documents:Judge Rejects FDA’s 75 Year Delay On Vax Data:Dr. John Campbell breakdown-has been red-pilled


“They Will Not Silence Me”: Doctor Who Discovered Omicron Was Pressured Not To Reveal It’s Mild

The doctor who discovered the Omicron Covid-19 strain, Angelique Coetzee, says that she was pressured by European governments not to reveal that it had mild presentation, according to an interview in Germany’s Welt.

When asked if it’s true, Coetzee replied: “I was told not to state publicly that it was a mild illness. I have been asked to refrain from making such statements and to say that it is a serious illness. I declined.” (translated).

“What does that mean?” replied Welt.

“I am a clinician and based on the clinical picture there are no indications that we are dealing with a very serious disease. The course is mostly mild. I’m not saying you won’t get sick if you’re mild.


“What I said at one point – because I was just tired of it – was: In South Africa this is a mild illness, but in Europe it is a very serious one. That’s what your politicians wanted to hear.

NORWAY and SOUTH AFRICAN Omicron evidence; does Omicron impede our emergence from COVID-19 and change our proposed 15 point plan/steps? No and in fact OMIRCRON tells us COVID is over! DONE!

By Dr. Paul Alexander

Two studies, one out of Norway and one out of South Africa tells us OMICRON is infectious, very mild, and that vaccines fail in hitting it, it blows past the immunity; COVID is done!

The data is very clear, that the risk of severe sequelae or death linked to COVID-19 in healthy children is statistical zero and virtually non-existent. The same is for OMICRON variant which presents as very mild illness that is even less than cold like symptoms, IF the child is symptomatic. The risk of death in children from OMICRON is exceedingly rare. This is the data and do not let the media or Fauci or Walensky or CDC or NIH deceive you any longer! Or the irrational, illogical, hysterical, fear porn propaganda complicit media!


Remember, we are dealing with vaccine companies that claimed a 95% efficacy of these vaccines as they sought EUA e.g. Pfizer and Moderna, but they deceived the nation and world for this is relative risk reduction (RRR) figure but what mattered to you is the absolute risk reduction (ARR) and this was actually <1%, in fact, approximately 0.7%.


95%-Not what you think-Risk Fallacy: Relative Risk vs Absolute Risk

My suggested 15-point plan is as follows (I tweaked it slightly to reflect OMICRON):

1) Turn off any television or media device that airs the hysterical and irrational often inaccurate media pundits, turn them off, they are destructive in their often spun and deceptive reporting on COVID-19; turn it all off with the drivel they spew now on OMICRON, and the propaganda and fear they seek to drive; it is shocking how much the so-called medical experts push these vaccines on children yet provide no science and data to back up their claims of safety and effectiveness……..


Immediately turn it all off; stop listening to any of the hysterical nonsensical inept COVID Task Force advisors, television medical experts, and government technocrats and bureaucrats. Immediately. We have to be courageous and brave and trust ourselves and our own instincts and decision-making to know what is best for us and our family. Not the government as there is always a price to pay and this price is usually your liberties and freedoms.

Anytime Dr. Anthony Fauci of NIAID or Dr. Rochelle Walensky of CDC or Dr. Francis Collins of NIH is giving a press conference or interview, turn it off. Listen to not one minute of it!


They have earned our distrust in spades as all they have stated the last 2 years have routinely been flat wrong, spun, duplicitous, and meant to mislead and mis-inform. Never ever allow these craven lockdown type lunatics the emergency powers we gave them, ever! NEVER!

Importantly, we must end this era of attacks on dissenters and contrarians, these horrible unfounded attacks and smears on skeptics. We must be open to discrepant viewpoints and immediately return to the place where all views were encouraged and championed. The ‘Enlightenment’. Continuing this way whereby those with varying and discordant views are silenced and cancelled, will spell the end of true academic research and debate. Open discussion and disagreement is the life of science and conformity is its death.


2) Walk through your home and search all of your belongings and throw away every single blue surgical mask and cloth face mask or any of the COVID-19 masks. Any type of face mask, you burn it. None of them have ever been effective and have been harmful, especially for children. Masks have been shown by the overwhelming body of evidence to not effectively work and are very futile and even harmful!…….

You make common sense reasonable decisions on this and guide yourself accordingly based on the circulation about you, the ventilation, and the risks. You decide, not nonsensical CDC and NIH technocrats. COVID is done! It is over!

3) Demand that early outpatient (ambulatory) drug treatment is available across society and that doctors and pharmacists can prescribe and dispense it. Make sure to keep your own supply in your private homes and demand that nursing homes and long-term care facilities have a treatment protocol in place and an ample supply.  Have early treatment options available not just for this virus but for other respiratory viruses that are more lethal than this and can kill the elderly in nursing homes. Estimates are that 90% or 750,000 Americans would be alive today had doctors stopped the therapeutic nihilism and administered early therapeutics to their sick patients.

4) Allow children to be free again, free, to run and play with their families and friends and no masks and to roll in the grass and hug and laugh and just be free!!!!!!!!!!! Open everything up to them, it is a crime to continue locking children down and restricting them, school or otherwise. Let them live again! COVID is done! It is over!

5) Use common sense precautions and decision making and strongly and properly protect the vulnerable and high-risk and elderly and immunocompromised etc. in society…….

6) Allow the low-risk ‘healthy’ and ‘well’ in the society, the infants, the children, the teens, the young persons, young adults, middle aged persons and even older persons to live normally, with unfettered lives, taking reasonable precautions with common-sense decisions. Trust that their INNATE immune systems will protect them and it usually does and WILL………..We focus on the vulnerable high-risk and understand that the infants, children, young persons, healthy people are not at risk for severe outcome. The Athenians at the time of the Great Athenian Plague 400 or so BC so 2500 years ago, understood this, and knew that the recovered person takes care of the sick. 2500 years ago! Take note.

7) There must be testing of sera for antibody and also testing for T cell immunity before vaccinating the designated group. This was not done and remains a catastrophic failure. This should have been done before ANY person received these vaccines for it is very risky to vaccinate on top of COVID recovered status (aka natural immunity). If we are vaccinating the higher-risk persons, we do not vaccinate persons who have active infection or who have recovered from infection, the same way if your child gets the measles infection and get the rash and fever etc., you do not then vaccinate them after they have recovered; you send them to school for they are now immune; bullet proof natural immunity and so use that same logic with Covid-19.

8) Stop immediately all mass testing of asymptomatic persons and all isolation and quarantining of asymptomatic persons; it is very harmful and does nothing to reduce the transmission; only ‘test’ and ‘isolate’ symptomatic ‘sick’ persons who are unwell. Persons with a strong clinical suspicion, symptomatic. Do not use the flawed over-cycled PCR 95% ‘false-positive’ test, throw it away. No more testing of asymptomatic well people. If you had COVID, recovered, then never ever go near a test. Ever!

9) Immediately stop all school closures, all lockdowns, all mask mandates, and shelter-in-place policies. They have all failed. Every one of them. My research of over 420 studies and pieces of evidence shows this. Never allow these restrictive policies again for these types of illnesses and if schools as an example, demand masks for your children, then be prepared to remove them from schools and use home schooling etc. No one, not one government, no official, no Task Force, has done a cost-benefit analysis of alternative courses of lockdown and closure actions and this was a catastrophic failure. The crushing harms of these policies were never considered.

10) Implement routine public service announcements (PSAs) on the importance of vitamin D (sun light and supplements) for immune function and not only for COVID-19; also, inform the public using the public health podium on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and body weight (obesity emerged as a super-loaded risk factor for severe COVID).

11) Cease the illogical, irrational, inaccurate, and nonsensical absurdity that Covid-19 vaccine immunity is superior to naturally acquired immunity (or innate immunity) when the science (the body of evidence with actual studies and expert reports) is clear that natural exposure immunity is broad, robust, durable, mature, long-lasting and similar to if not way superior to the narrow, and immature immunity conferred by the Covid vaccines. A recent article by Scott Morefield at the Brownstone Institute reveals the ridiculousness of the CDC and NIH.

12) The vaccine has failed against Delta (and now omicron variant, see refs 34-39)) and so there must be no vaccine passports (or immunity or antibody passports), as these mandates will constrain the rights of citizens under the questionable guise of safety; end any demand for vaccine mandates and this will go a long way as it is crushing society;………Omicron is showing mild ‘less than common cold’ symptoms and is non-lethal based on all reports to date. Infectious but non-lethal and indeed a Christmas gift. The Omicron hysteria and hype is misplaced and this is more propaganda and to drive needless fear.

13) Implement immediate data safety monitoring, ethics committees, and critical event committees to ensure the proper long-term surveillance of the adverse events and deaths that have occurred due to the COVID-19 vaccines.

14) Respect COVID recovered persons natural immunity. Recognize it as similar to and even superior to vaccine immunity. This is immunology 101. Re-educate doctors and scientists who may have not known this or have forgotten this.

15) These COVID-19 vaccines were not properly developed and especially so for safety. A fifteen-year process was boiled down to 4 months and there were corners cut. This is horrendous and severe risk and we just do not know the long-term outcomes. Efficacy remains in serious doubt and we have the evidence that the vaccines have failed on Delta and Omicron, and even negative efficacy. We cannot ‘exclude harms’ and they are contra-indicated for our children. Do not take these vaccines and while I initially thought that they would be applicable to high-risk seniors, the present lack of efficacy and safety concerns has evolved my thinking and I am calling for a pause/hard stop on all COVID vaccines……………..

If we wanted this to continue for years and for the variants to keep coming, then we should continue vaccinating how we are at present and we should vaccinate children, turning them like adults now, into potential spreaders. Indications are that it is the vaccinated that is potentially spreading pathogen based on the numbers we are seeing in UK etc. among the vaccinated and unvaccinated. We can never tame or calm or stop this virus by using non-sterilizing vaccines for we will never be able to cut the chain of transmission. We would be better to stop this vaccination now. Infections will stop and variants will stop. Natural immunity etc. can bring this to a close but we threaten this with the continued mass vaccination and boosting. It is as we see, driving the emergence of variants.


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Omicron Variant: South Africa Asked Pfizer And J&J to Stop Delivering COVID-19 Jabs Days Before ‘Discovery’ of Omicron Variant

South African Hospitalization Rates Plunge Despite Omicron Onslaught

Covid is over

And panic porners like David Leonhardt are going to sorely regret this last spasm.

Fewer than 1 in 50 people with confirmed Omicron cases are being hospitalized in South Africa – which suggests that the actual hospitalization to infection rate is far lower still, because so many people with Omicron have such mild cases they won’t bother to be tested.

And the wave of new cases seems to have peaked.

It is over. Well and truly. And so is the last shred of any credibility for public health authorities, governments, and the media.



The real question is how badly have we damaged the natural INNATE and natural acquired adaptive immune systems with these vaccines; the VACCINATED must now ask govns the hard question: who will pay?

its not the unvaccinated, but the vaccinated who have been badly damaged by these vaccines, at risk of infection, hospitalizations, and death; we may have doomed their immune systems

That they would willingly take it out of fear, threat of no job, social consciousness, civic duty etc., threats that you had to take a failed vaccine so that you could put bread on the table…this is the key issue and now that it is clear the vaccines have failed terribly and are so ineffective and even harmful, someone has to pay the vaccinated…the vaccinated need justice for this crime, for I fear many have been harmed and will be harmed in time due to the vaccine that is in them.

Take Austria as an example, we see infections, cases, and the death curve on the march, Austria being one of the most vaccinated nations globally, and most restrictions etc., most mandates. So what has happened here?



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