This announcement is both a statement of the reality that healthy kids are at essentially zero risk from Covid and a vote of no confidence in the long-term risk-benefit profile of the mRNA jabs:

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“Children and adolescents only very rarely become seriously ill from COVID-19 with the omicron variant. Therefore, from July 1, 2022, it will no longer be possible for children and adolescents under the age of 18 to get the 1st [shot], and from September 1, 2022, it will no longer be possible to get the 2nd [shot],” reads a government statement. [translated from Danish]

While many are likely relieved because it means that vaccine mandates won’t be coming back to school, few have followed Denmark’s lead, and if the science is universal, it’s a wonder why they haven’t.

For example, despite this decision from Denmark, babies are now eligible to receive three rounds of Moderna’s Covid vaccine in Canada, even though COVID poses no greater threat to babies than the flu does, and Health Canada admits they lack long-term safety data.

Moreover, various health authorities have recently highlighted the risks of adverse effects that exist from the COVID vaccines. 

Germany’s ministry of health recently tweeted there’s a 1 in 5000 chance people receive a “serious adverse effect” from the vaccines.

This came just days after Ontario’s CMHO refused to say healthy people “should” get boosted with what he referred to as a “therapeutic” due to the risk of myocarditis being 1 in 5000.

While it seems that more and more authorities are warning of the risks of vaccines — which, according to Denmark, are greater than the risk of COVID for the young and healthy — few countries are willing to say outright that the risks outweigh the benefits.



Prof. Zvika Granot, an immunologist & @PECC_eng member, explaining why the Israeli Ministry of Health’s decision to jab babies & toddlers is negligent, irresponsible & based on distorted information. The good news: Israel’s jab takeup for babies is less than 0.05%.

VIDEO: In the following video at 1:50:00 Ryan Cristián aka TheLastAmericanVagabond  walks through the translation and breaks it all down. The Tweet containing the original video can be found below.

Key Takeaways in the statement:

We have already seen many distortions of science, lies and half-truths during the COVID crisis.

More than once we have seen aggressive policies based on hopes that lack a scientific basis presented to the public as scientific facts.

We have seen how economic and political entities presented distorted science and silence many scientists who think differently.

Approving vaccination for babies and toddlers by the CDC in the USA and by the Ministry of Health in Israel breaks all records of the theatre of the absurd and raise deep doubts about the conduct of the regulators in the USA and Israel.

What we see in the data that was presented to the FDA regarding the vaccination of young children aged 6 months to 5 years shocked us in the PECC to the core of our beings.

If you take just a few minutes of your time, we believe you will be shocked as well.

…From the Pfizer trial it appears that the vaccine is more likely to increase the rate of “severe illness” than decrease it.

There was one child in the entire trial who was hospitalized due to fever and convulsions AND that child was actually vaccinated.

…..Where did Pfizer get the audacity to submit an application for approval to the FDA?

And how did the FDA dare to betray its role and to grant this approval?

…How professional is this team? To what extent does it function as a rubber stamp for every decision that was already taken?

Making a “copy and paste” for the wrongheaded and unfounded decision of the American regulators is a grave negligence by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

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