Let’s start with a few quotes. You can look up the sources if you’re so inclined.

“In politics, nothing happens by accident… If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

“Never let a good crisis go to waste”

“Order out of chaos”

Let those fester for a while…

It is a bit overwhelming right now to focus on any one of the crises flaring up at this point in time. There are so many flash points and developments taking place all at once.

Let’s just throw out some random points and consider how they may fit together. Hopefully I can keep your attention and provoke some thought on these matters. We’ll go back into deeper detail later but for now let’s just dump it all out.

The Mainstream Media likes to throw out a headline, read a sentence or two of copy, throw in a soundbite and then move along to what’s trending on social media or some other distraction. A bit of a backstory or some real questioning could be useful towards being truly informative but that’s not what they’re really after. It’s more about persuasion and forming opinions.

At this time we have:

  • a crisis in Iraq
  • a crisis in Ukraine
  • a crisis at the border
  • a crisis in Gaza and Israel
  • an ebola virus “outbreak”……………..just to name a few.

In the Mainstream Media you’ll hear people called either extremists or freedom-fighters depending on which side of the line they want you to stand on.

We now hear how the President (while Congress is away on vacation) is authorizing air strikes on the ISIS jihadist extremists in Iraq. What we do not hear is that they are the same groups who were armed and trained by the CIA to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria. It’s the same playbook every time. Freedom-fighters were armed and trained to combat the Russians in Afghanistan. When they ( Al-Queda) were no longer useful they became the bad guys. Then some of them became useful again in Syria. But not the really bad ones…..John Kerry said so.

We are also hearing that those ISIS jihadists are vowing blowback on US interests all over the world……….SNAP! At the same time the border is wide open and it’s not only innocent children who are flowing in and being shuttled all throughout the country.

Mind you, security is much more stringent for the average law-abiding US citizen who must show two forms of ID and get x-rayed or patted down to pass through security checkpoints.

More sourced info will be in the Crisis At The Border post, but the average age is around 22, and they’re not only from Mexico. They’re from all over the world. Many are gang members and criminals and many are also bringing in diseases, such as tuberculosis………SNAP! Could some be carrying ebola?

Then there’s the Ukraine. The coverage always seems to leave out the fact that the current regime in power was put into place after a CIA orchestrated coup. People in Ukraine who oppose this NATO puppet regime are being called separatists. The downing of the Malaysian airliner has disappeared from the news at this time……as more and more evidence surfaces that does not support the initial story, but that’s not on TV. hmmm?

Russia is being painted as a villain as they make trade agreements and form a coalition with China and other BRIC’s nations to circumvent the use of the US dollar for international trade settlements. hmmm?

Saddam Hussein was a friend until he started selling Iraq’s oil in another currency. Same with Gaddafi in Libya. hmmm?

Before the coup in Ukraine, the democratically elected president had chosen an economic agreement with Russia as opposed to the EU. Why would he go with the EU? Debt and austerity are worsening conditions in most EU nations… but we don’t hear that on TV.

The financial system of the west is still under stress and the central banks, the Fed and the ECB have basically been propping up their insolvent banks. In the US, the easy money from the Fed has inflated asset prices. Corporations are buying back their own stocks. Fewer outstanding shares boost earnings-per-share numbers and inflate valuations.

The Mainstream Media has been telling us we’ve been in a recovery for 5-6 years now. They direct all eyes to the stock market and most buy their story hook, line and sinker.

They also like to keep us bickering amongst ourselves. “It’s the Republicans fault. It’s the Democrats fault.” When will people realize that they are all the same? They just keep pointing fingers making us think we have a choice or a say in matters.

The media is their useful tool to help create scapegoats. They tell us who is to blame and who to be afraid of. Before the dust had settled on MH17 and before there was any investigation or evidence for that matter they were out there telling us who was to blame.

If you start to really look closely you will see that all of these crises intertwine and are part of a big tangled web. When the next BIG CRISIS erupts- they’ll be pointing fingers and have the scapegoat all ready.

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Washington Opened The Gates Of Hell In Iraq: Now Come The Furies

from David Stockman

Then came the neo-cons who for no discernible reason of national security could not leave well enough alone. By god, they were going to have regime change, a stable supplier of 6 million barrels of oil per day, and a stalwart ally armed to the teeth on the very doorstep of the Axis-Of-Evil; that is, the Iranian Shiite theocracy which happened to be religious kin to the single largest block of the Iraqi population.

What these fools did was to open the gates of hell. The end result of Washington’s 20-year campaign to liberate Iraq, beginning with the first gulf war and followed by the devastating trade sanctions of the 1990s and the brutal desecrations of Bush II’s “shock and awe” and all the military mayhem which followed, was to aggravate, widen and mobilize all of the latent ethnic and religious conflicts and enmities that had been bottled up for decades inside the Sykes-Picot illusion.

Now the furies have come. Ironically, the bloodthirsty ISIS is comprised of fighters who were first enabled by the misbegotten Bush maneuver known as the “surge”; then armed and trained by the CIA for the campaign against Assad;  and now brandish the best weapons that any ramshackle jihadist group ever had.

And yet America’s “peace” President is sending the bombers back in because there is a “humanitarian crisis” involving a religious sect no American has ever heard of, stranded on a mountain top that has nothing to do with the security and safety of the citizens of Lincoln NE and Spokane WA.

Has not the American war machine turned the entirety of Mesopotamia and the Levant into a humanitarian crisis—of which this is only a tiny manifestation? Isn’t it time to at least stop fueling the blowback?

• source: davidstockmanscontracorner.com

De-Dollarization Accelerates – China/Russia Complete Currency Swap Agreement


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