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The Last GOP Debate of 2015 *Condensed & Edited for Accuracy


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4 thoughts on “Fed Hike Economy Down, Assad Stays in Syria, ISIS Gets Texas Truck & The Last GOP Debate of 2015 • Condensed & Edited for Accuracy”
  1. I don’t know whether to laugh, scream or take a cyanide capsule! And none of this is new to me. It’s the same old, same old that is driving me mad, as I’m sure it is you as well, since you posted these videos.

    These are the sick, twisted morons “we the people” allow to pretend to represent us. It is beyond understanding and belief.

    I told a friend a year ago, if the voter turn out for 2016 is strong, then I am through with blogging. If people can’t see or sense all that is wrong by now, they never will be capable of seeing or sensing it.

    Thank you, for posting this!

    1. It is amazing how they’ve been able to paper over all the insolvency and keep the masses fooled – i think some are waking up as evidenced by the “outlier’s ” popularity but still for most………….pretty much clueless. When it does come unwound they’ll finally get a war started to cover it all up. Have you watched an NFL game? It is a constant serving of “Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines!!!! Global force for good!” They’ll have the masses conditioned to be waving flags chanting USA USA!!! That is my fear.

      1. Unfortunately, I already see a large portion of the masses already waving the flag and chanting USA USA! This is what I meant by the same old, same old. My parents and grandparents were mind-controlled in much the same way before and during ww1 and 2.

        I no longer watch NFL games on a regular basis. But I have noted what you are speaking of here, and the same is happening at the NCAA football level as well. I was a fan, for most of my life. of college football. But like the pro version, college football has become a Hollywood side show, a sad, disgusting joke. And this recruiting is even stronger at this level, which makes sense, since these kids have so few options left.

        The power elite have created an economy where there are no jobs/careers to be had for the uneducated or educated, so they dangle the mercenary career, the patriotic/military carrot, in front of these young people’s eyes and noses as often as they can: “Where you going to get a job? How will you pay for college? Come work for us, and together, we will destroy most of humanity and the world!” In the end, it’s just another Agenda 21 function, another form of depopulation.

        And unlike many folks my age, I firmly believe that this version of “The American Dream” is nothing new. Is it worse than it has ever been? Yes! But it is, in reality, nothing new.

        Thanks for posting these two videos!

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