by Jim Quinn of the BurningPlatform

I took a long walk on the boardwalk with my wife and mother last night, after a long day of packing, doctor appointments, travel, unpacking, food shopping and buying enough liquor to get me through the next week. I was confident the oligarchs had the Brexit vote rigged in their favor. I went to bed exhausted at 10:00.

I wake up this morning to global pandemonium. I just wanted to ride my bike on the boardwalk in peace, but Noooo. First it was raining, so I have to wait for the showers to end. Then I flip on the radio and hear about stock markets around the world crashing because the British people grew some balls and told their keepers to fuck off.

My first thought upon hearing the news was “Fourth Turning”. It’s all about the mood of the people in these countries. The establishment is constantly baffled during Fourth Turnings because they think their old methods of propaganda, fear and control will continue to work. They don’t realize the cyclical nature of history and how the current generational configuration will lead to earth shattering change and a complete destruction of the existing social order. Brexit is just another brick in the wall.

I also find it interesting that over the last month or so some of the most renowned investing billionaires in the world have announced their bearishness and had placed large bets on such an outcome. George Soros is the perfect example. He switched his position to shorting the market recently. Then he constantly blathered in the press about what a disaster Brexit would be for global markets. Then the captured legacy media convinced the world Brexit would never happen. When it “shockingly” happened last night, stock markets around the world crashed. Soros and his billionaire cronies made hundreds of millions in profits. Meanwhile, the poor schmuck with his 401k gets clobbered again.

Since I was 100% wrong in my prediction regarding Brexit, you can take my following observations with a grain of salt. But this is what I see:

  • This further cements the coming showdown between the people and the establishment (politicians, bankers, mainstream media).
  • The EU is dead. France, Italy and other EU countries will push for the same referendum and the people will vote out.
  • The insolvent banks across Europe were never fixed. The central bankers just extended, pretended, and printed more debt. Bank failures will trigger further economic strife.
  • The credibility of central bankers around the globe will completely disintegrate as their one trick pony method of easy money has proven to be an immense failure for the people.
  • With the disintegration of the EU, the possibility of civil chaos and war with Russia goes up dramatically.
  • It will be interesting to see if the Fed and their Wall Street banker puppeteers can stop the stock market from dropping by its destined 30% to 50%. The overvaluation is drastic and this could be the Lehman moment, or at least the Bear Stearns moment.
  • The credibility of the corporate mainstream media has further disintegrated as they again have been revealed as nothing but propaganda mouthpieces for the establishment. Their anti-Brexit poll numbers were fake. They are not journalists, but cheerleaders for their corporate sponsors.
  • The constant media bashing of Trump and cheerleading for Clinton will be disregarded by the silent majority in the U.S. Their polls and opinions can be completely ignored and dismissed. The people of this country who don’t live in NYC, DC, LA, or SF are pissed off. Their mood is dark. They want change. The only person who will give them change is Trump.
  • I’m more convinced than ever that Trump will win the presidency in November. This is a Fourth Turning. The status quo never wins during a Fourth Turning.

Fourth Turnings never peter out. They intensify to a crescendo of turmoil, chaos, violence, war, and bloodshed. This Fourth Turning intensification just got turned up dramatically. It will eventually be turned up to 11.


source: theBurningPlatform

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  1. I have a much different take away from Brexit. The British subjects decided to take back their Kingdom. Their Kingdom in turn ( except England) overwhelming said No. N. Ireland, Scotland, and Gibraltar wanted to say in the EU by a wider margin then England wanted out. Now perhaps we can have a united Ireland. It’s funny how Americans view this. The UK ( United Kingdom) somehow fought for and won their sovereignty and freedom, but somehow had forgotten England ‘s oppression of Ireland and Scotland for hundreds of years, and hardly make mention that the other so called countries in the UK voted to say in the EU. So in short I hope this leads to a unification of Ireland and the freedom of Scotland. If the view is England can now have its sovereignty back, then surely Northern Ireland as well as Scotland should have their’s.

    1. Scotland Threatens To Veto Brexit

      As it turns out, this warning was spot on, because earlier today Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon told the BBC that the Scottish Parliament could try to block the UK’s exit from the EU. As a reminder, unlike England where the vote went 52% to 48% in Brexit’s favor, in Scotland the picture was vastly different with 62% backing Remain and 38% wanting to go. And as predicted, the Scottish National Party leader, who went through her own UK independence referendum two years ago and is now considering yet another referendum, said that “of course” she would ask MSPs to refuse to give their “legislative consent”.

      In other words, Scotland is threatening to break down the very concept of a “Great Britain”, which includes England, Wales and Scotland, and pledge allegiance to the EU, while turning its back on more than half ot the English population.

  2. Thanks for the comment and your perspective!

    All people should be reclaiming their sovereignty. None should be ruled by the unelected beurocrats in Brussels or anywhere else for that matter. I was shocked this vote was not rigged like the Scottish referendum was. The people of Greece had had enough and voted their will only to be ignored.(Greece had not even qualified foe acceptance into the EU but for some underhanded fraudulent bookkeeping by GS.) EU nations are being forced to adhere to the sanctions against Russia dictated by NATO(US) and it is hurting their economies as well. All people should be reclaiming their sovereignty back from the globalists who are trying to eliminate nation-states. Cultures are being diluted and watered-down with forced intake of migrants who have no intention to assimilate. I don’t think this vote was as much about Great Britain as it is about the will of the people. People are waking up. I also think that this is another scapegoat for the economic woes headed our way as the reset occurs.

    1. The problem that has not been talked about or even whispered is that England has taken in the least amount of muslim refugees in comparison to the rest of the EU and perhaps even the USA, 0.019%. Their muslim problem is a direct result of their colonialism. The Sun never sets on the British Empire. Somehow this phase has been forgotten if ever known by many Americans, which is funny considering how we became an Independent country. Over a million Pakistanis live in England. I am not saying that one can’t assign some blame on the incoming refugees, however England’s problems started well before the refugees. Colonialism.

      With the leave vote apparently certain promises were made that are now being broken which will fracture England’s subjects even more then before.

  3. ‘another perspective:

    Do not believe the mainstream media that the Brexit vote crashed the global markets. The real reason why all markets tanked is record debt levels around the world that will never be paid back. Fantasy has just met reality in the global markets, and the carnage is far from over. The fantasy of unpayable debt expanding forever is now beginning to be realized by the central banks that have been propping up the global economy since the 2008 meltdown. The central banks cannot and will not be able to stop this unfolding crash…….

  4. Promises that were made to Leave voters are already being broken. This is what happens when people hear what they want to believe rather then investigate for their own. So in order to have trade they will still have open borders.I would say the muslim problem in England is a direct result of their colonialism. I am not sure the amount of refugees they have taken in. England has taken in the least amount of refugees as possible, 0.019% of the total. So it was there colonialism, which is never mentioned by any media outlets. Let’s sweep that under the rug

  5. The thing about Brexit since it just came up with the Trump win, is why is Ireland still not whole. What England ( United Kingdom) can have their sovereignty and freedom from the EU. But wait a second Ireland can’t????? Ireland still has to be a separate country ruled over by the English Crown. Yeah ok. Unbelievable. Makes no sense. Northern Ireland should not have to be under British control.

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