VIDEO: from The Jimmy Dore Show
You’ll laugh until you cry.

Hurry! Watch this one before the Ministry of Truth shoves it down the memory hole!

Turn of your TV and take in this entire hour of infotainment.

“People still operate under the belief that Bill Gates is this great guy”………

Watch these guys challenge the narrative, armed with facts and the truth.

“It’s all justified, this draconian regime of biomedical control is justified in the name of public health, and no one’s willing to question it.”

“These lockdowns, all they do is transfer wealth upward…..That’s what happened to Bill Gates’ fortune, that’s what happened to Jeff Bezos’ fortune, it exploded………… and they keep moving the goalposts. Get vaccinated and we’ll get back to life…….”

“…….But if vaccines don’t stop you from getting the virus or transmitting it, what is the point of fu’@#ing mandating that other people get it?!”

“There is no point. There’s no science behind any of this and Google and YouTube try to suppress this kind of information…………….”


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