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Hysterical. You will laugh until you cry

Humor & comedy can be the best way to see things through a different lens………..

“Excuse me, you can’t come in unless you are fully-life-jacketed.”

“Nope. We changed the definition of what it means to be fully-life-jacketed.”

“We’ll be happy to let you see our data in 75 years.”

“If you put on another life jacket, you can see your family but you’ll still need to wear an inner-tube when you’re around them…..

…..and the prequel

Why Life Jackets Should Be Mandatory!

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One thought on “You’re Gonna Need a Second Life Jacket”
  1. A life jacket is a good idea for the individual – it does little to nothing for others.
    Unlike this covid vacci-poisoned, a life jacket can be taken off, try and detox yourself after purposely/accidentally getting this (ahem) kill shot

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