Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, PhD
President & CEO of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge

October 20, 2020: PA Medical Freedom Press Conference

“This mystery of public health officials not working to reduce concern can only be  seen as political and please join me in condemning that.”

“Our reaction to  coronavirus has already been worse than the virus itself.  A terrorist could never succeed as well in shutting businesses with a bomb in the United States as we have by this ridiculous inaccurate testing… What are we doing with PCR testing?!”

He states that historically  vaccines for coronaviruses have had a terrible safety record. His peer reviewed and published coronavirus research shows unsafe epitopes that will cause autoimmune disease in human subjects.

“Not a single vaccine manufacturer took heed of my warnings.”…’skipped animal safety trials.”

“21% incidence of adverse effects of Moderna vaccine.”

“We’re bringing quaternary ammonium compounds into schools…..these cleaners that we’re spraying all over the schools to fight coronavirus…….found in mice a reduction in the reproductive capacity of 50%”. What are we doing to our children, exposing them to these cleaners, that may shut down their reproduction, that may harm their immune systems….”

“We base our for profit medical system on the externalization of costs……..let’s bring liability back to the vaccine program….”

Did you know that vaccine companies could not be sued for damages?

He rages how the real science in fact is not being followed. Please listen to his entire diatribe below.

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