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Norm’s note: Dr. Susan Vosloo incisively summarizes the situation precisely as it is. Much that was deemed and disparaged as ‘conspiracy theory’ one year ago, is now being confirmed in reality, in her opinion.

Dr Vosloo was South Africa’s first female heart surgeon. She joined the heart team at the Groote Schuur hospital in 1984, and completed her training in 1988. She did her first heart transplant when she was 33 years old, and went on to work at the Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital, focusing on paediatric heart surgery. (Source)

In the video:

Paula asked me to speak about the gene therapy that’s disguised as covid vaccinations and the question was “Are they effective and are they safe?”

…One of the views that really appealed to me was the vaccine was not brought in for covid but the covid was brought in for the vaccine. And once one realizes that, there are many  things that make more sense.

This is not really a health issue….if you calculate the deaths per thousand….it pales in significance…

This disease is the first medical condition ever that is predominately,  I would say mismanaged not by knowledgeable people but by politicians, beurocrats  and academics.

…and it’s fueled by relentless scare-mongering created by the media.

From the beginning it was very clear that there was no interest whatsoever in treating patients and relieving suffering and preventing death. The vaccine was shown as the only potential savior….

It is…. showing in the US that the risk of the vaccine is greater than the risk of the virus…

Just to remind you that 0.1 to 0.3 percent of the population may die, it it far less than 1%.

People are not informed of the potential risks of this vaccine…..there is no transparency, there is a lot of undue pressure on society to comply with this. This is totally in breach of any legal requirement where one is obliged to get free and proper informed consent from anybody that’s being vaccinated…

The composition of the vaccine is largely confidential…..

The big companies have all seriously bad track records…..Moderna has never previously manufactured any drugs for medical use.

The new technology is also hazardous…..the messenger rna that is injected is programmed to stimulate one’s own cells to create the spike protein……there is no off switch for this.

It is important for people to know that this is not FDA approved, there is only emergency use authorization.

Each participant that gets this treatment becomes part of a big trial.

There is absolutely no safety data.

Being vaccinated does not prevent transmission. It does not prevent infection and it does not prevent death.

….All the people I know, if they get sick the first question I ask is when did you get the vaccine. And 100% of my friends that had it has been sick with varying degrees of symptoms.

The know adverse events include death. They are severe neurological complications……..

There is a another concept called Antibody Dependent Enhancement(ADE)
the antibodies that one manufactures do not actually block the infection of the virus but instead increases its ability to infect cells.

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler at PA Medical Freedom Press Conference 10/20/20
Miracle Vaccine ~ Wait What? …Not So Fast

One of the most serious concerns is the funding of government regulatory bodies by conflicted donors……all have links to big pharma.

I do like the solution of disobedience and dissent. I think it would be important to start functioning out of all these planned systems.

I like to end with a quote by: “Let the views of others educate and inform you but let your decisions be the products of your own conclusions.”

VIDEO: panel discussion with Robert F Kennedy Jr. & Del Bigtree re: previous Mrna vaccine development


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