VIDEO: Multiple mainstream news outlets reported only “hundreds” turned up in London protesting vaccine passports, lockdowns & experimental vaccines, but videos of the historic rally on May 29th tell a much different story.

A must-see!  If you think something doesn’t quite feel right, rest-assured you are not alone!

England’s Lockdown Could Continue Despite Deaths Being Below 5 Year Average

England’s lockdown measures could remain in place beyond the supposed “freedom day” on June 21st despite the fact that for 11 out of the last 12 weeks, deaths have been below the 5 year average.

Yes, really.

As highlights, “(the) ONS announced that there were 9,628 deaths in England and Wales in the week ending 28th May 2021. This is 232 fewer than the previous week, and 3.1% below the five-year average.”

“Deaths in England and Wales have now been below the five-year average for 11 of the past 12 weeks. Over that time, there were 8,212 fewer deaths than you’d expect based on the average of the last five years. And note that, due to population ageing, the five-year average understates the expected number of deaths. So the true level of “negative excess mortality” is even higher.”

The number of registered deaths in the week ending May 28 is also lower than the 5 year average in seven out of nine English regions, including the population-dense South East.

June 21st was the day when all COVID-19 restrictions were supposed to be lifted, but more and more indications suggest the government will once again cave to its scaremongering advisers and keep them in place.

Lockdown measures are set to remain in place well into July despite the fact that 80% of Brits now have COVID-19 antibodies and the population reached herd immunity back in April.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, “Everyone can see very clearly is cases are going up and in some places hospitalisations are going up,” suggesting he is about to move the goalposts on his promises yet again.

As we previously highlighted, the same scientists still advising Johnson admitted using “totalitarian” fear tactics, “mind control” and weaponizing behavioral psychology to terrify the public into total compliance.

“Deaths in England and Wales have been below the five-year average for 11 of the past 12 weeks. Given that 80% of adults now have COVID antibodies, what possible grounds could there be to delay the full reopening?” asked Toby Young.

Hmm, almost like there’s another agenda in play?

UK reports no new COVID-19 deaths for first time since March 2020

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One thought on “Media Caught Lying About London Anti-Lockdown Protests”
  1. All around the world, I believe citizens are standing up for their rights but here in England, the media pretends they don’t exist. Too many to clobber with batons, I presume, otherwise they surely would.
    A sad state of affairs as the British police are generally well respected. They seem to bring in some heavy anti-riot types for certain gatherings. Let’s see what happens this weekend.
    But we are up against powerful forces ie the State!

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