‘Everything that we see related to Covid looks like a societal transformation that was imposed. That’s what we’re seeing. Its really about the measures, including the vaccines.

This was an assault against people, and it killed many people. That’s the conclusion, and I can’t get around that. And the other big things which a lot of scientists have a hard time wrapping their heads around is that there was no especially virulent pathogen. There is no evidence of the spread of a respiratory viral disease.
In fact there is counter evidence that disproves that could be the cause.

That thinking has to be reset, otherwise we’re never getting out of this, and they will keep doing this whenever they want. They will declare pandemics whenever they want, and they will assault the population in these kinds of ways any time they want if we don’t start resetting it. And the way to reset it is to use hard data that cannot be disputed, and that’s mortality data. When you study all cause mortality data you quickly discovery its a very robust feature of a population, its really hard to get more deaths than usual in a population. You have to have an earthquake or something really special. And that’s very robust — so any of these excess deaths means something very dramatic is going on.

My all cause mortality data which is absolutely robust suggests there was NO particularly virulent pathogen on the planet. It did not happen. Now clinicians are wearing glasses where they look for what they have been told. So they’re wearing their Covid glasses, and everyone is getting kind of crazy. But in the end, there were not people dying in the street in most places. There was no particularly virulent pathogen. People have to grasp that. This is a completely firm conclusion.

If mortality data cannot be used to draw this kind of conclusion then we’re living in a mad world where anything they say is true. So we have to reset our thinking and start to recognize that the virologists have been exploiting us and screaming fire where there’s not really anything present that I can see.

I believe that this was a military rollout of an injection. They wanted to be able to practice and demonstrate that they could inject everyone. Injections are the most powerful bioweapon–you’re directly injecting the body of a person with something. That is a very powerful thing to be able to do. YOu can target certain groups, you can target certain jurisdictions, you can do whatever you want if you have a way of injecting everybody in a military rollout very quickly.

We’re talking about biowarfare. In my view, this was an exercise in biowarfare, and the Russians have said that plainly. These are the big trends, and war is a part of it. So, Covid is just part of that. ‘

Excerpts, Dr. Denis Rancourt, National Citizens Inquiry | Ottawa Day 1, May 17, 2023

Dr. Denis Rancourt: https://denisrancourt.ca/categories.php?id=1&name=covid


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